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Travel Insurance will not cover Riots, War, Civil Commotion & Coup D’Etats

Insurance Blogger has just got back from holiday on the Balearic Island of Majorca for a bit of winter sun. I managed to get one of those last minute cheap flights for under a tenner!  So I don’t mind blatantly promoting that type of offer. That’s cheaper than the travel insurance and the airport transfer costs!

While I was out in Majorca I couldn’t but notice what was going on in Tunisia, a popular haunt of mine since the days of the dictator Habib Bourguiba in the 1970′s!

Looking at all those tourists stranded at Tunis Airport got me thinking - ‘None of them are covered!

They probably all have travel insurance but how many can actually claim?

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) draws up an extensive list of countries that have seen recent war or riot or civil commotion or is currently at war. Subsequently they advise these areas should not be travelled to.

As this is advised by Government most Travel Insurance policies will not cover you if you visit these countries.

Check that the country you are travelling to does not appear on either list, as they are likely to be excluded from travel insurance policies.

Here is the current Government advice for travelling to Tunisia for example:

Travel Summary

  • We advise against all but essential travel to Tunisia.
  • If you are in Tunisia, register with our service to tell us when and where you are travelling or where you live so our consular and crisis staff can provide better assistance to you. You can register on the FCO website at: or by calling: (00 216) 71 108 713. Those in the UK should ring the FCO on 020 7008 1500.

Nearly all Travel Insurance policies exclude war riot, terrorism and civil commotion which is rather worrying given all the media talk of domino effect trouble, and the numbers of people that travel each year to Egypt for example!

Always check the policy wording clearly of any travel insurance policy before you buy it and remember that if a travel insurance policy is cheap you may have problems when you try to claim.

If you do find yourself stranded in a war zone try to contact the British Embassy initially and at the same time your travel agents or tour operator who will help in these sort of non covered events and situations.

The Cost of Insuring The FIFA World Cup

Every four years Insurance Companies underwrite all the risks associated with holding and attending the World’s largest sporting event – The FIFA World Cup Finals.

Insurance Blog reports on the risks and covers available and the large premiums paid to ensure that this years Tournament currently going on in South Africa, went without a hitch…

World Cup Finals 2010 opening ceremony

The prior concerns and fears that had been raised over the insurance cover for the 2010 World Cup failed to materialise as the tournament passed off without a major incident or claim.

FIFA had been forced to build a R6.3 billion contingency fund (around a billion US dollars) to cater for the possible collapse of the 2010 event -  a lot of money when you consider that the winners Spain only receive £40 million pounds ($60 million) in prize money.  FIFA have taken out cover  for any kind of interruption, delay or abandonment of the World Cup and the consequent loss of revenues.

Individual players and their respective Football Association’s had to make their own arrangements for sports disability and sports accident  insurance , with the number of top players appearing at the tournament making it the most injury exposed in the history of the sport.

Fortunately for FIFA and the Insurance companies involved, the Tournament passed off without any major player injuries, which was fortunate as many National Football Associations, particularly those in Africa, would have struggled to meet the cost of covering the wages of the likes of Didier Drogba, Michael Essien, Soloman Kalou and Kolo & YaYa Toure, nevermind the liabilities to the individual Clubs.

Health Insurance and Care Abroad – Get Travel Medical Insurance!

Reading a blog post today from my Health Insurance Blog Blogger friend, got me thinking…
“You don’t know how lucky you are” My parents used to say to me about going to places on exotic holidays…
Their parents would have likely said the same thing to them about the National Health Service – as kids they would have remembered their parents having to pay for the doctor on an ad hoc basis!

You never miss it until it’s gone, or more importantly you don’t notice it until you have to pay for it, and in the case of medical and health insurance at this holiday time of the year, it’s yet another necessary cost of holidaying abroad.

Watching the news and the debate going on in the States about the health care reforms proposed by the President, that are being made out by the Media to be dividing the Nation….you can’t help but laugh when you read that the right wingers are using the NHS system as an example of everything that could go wrong with a nationalised healthcare insurance scheme.
I can’t wait to see Barack Obama’s camp stand up and defend the NHS as the example of a health care system that all countries should be following!

Here’s some thoughts from the Health Insurance Blog

Barack Obama is the Good Samaritan for US Health Care

Most of us are used to some type of >health insurance in the the UK despite the existence of the ubiquitous free for all NHS.

In fact most UK citizens have purchased private medical insurance at some time or another!

Yep! surprising isn’t it! But because we all travel we are probably as well versed in the vagaries of the medical insurance section of our travel insurance policies as we are with our compulsory car insurance!

Since the 1970′s Brits have regularly bought medical insurance for their two week jaunt to the Costa del Sol and very many have had to claim and seen the workings of a foreign privatised health care system in action.

It is only then that we see the true worth of our NHS, when we have to participate in the bureaucracy of a claim when sick. We also get to see the standards of foreign care at the coal face!
Still, the good news about those sorts of health insurance covers found on a travel policy is that they will always repatriate you to good old Blighty and the awaiting NHS.

Most Brits like to visit our cousins in the United States.
This is when we come face to face with the fact that health care is not homogenous, especially when it comes to availability and more importantly – price!
Those travel insurance insurance policies suddenly treble in premium and all those exclusions to cover such as pre-existing medical conditions suddenly become real concerns….the same sort of concerns that face the average American daily!

Even with Insurance – you don’t wan’t to get ill in America. You especially don’t want to get ill for a chronic amount of time – all health insurance policies have strict limits of liability!
What if the money runs out?

In the Land of the Free there is no human safety net! (if you can’t pay)

Charles Darwin would have loved it!

Remember the parable of the Good Samaritan?

From the right wing noises of middle American rabble rousing grannies shouting on about abortions and illegal immigrants that we see every night on CBS and ABC news ….. I don’t think so! Try Luke!

Well you all go to church on Sunday dressed up in you finery, or is that just Hollywood agitprop to satisfy the lunatics of the Bible belt?

So step forward Barack Obama, determined to bring some social justice to the cities and peoples of America. The Good Samaritan who refused to walk on by on the issue of Health Care.

From the looks on the faces of those church going grannies and their militia sons who are dressed up for Afghanistan, and their kids dressed up like neo cons from The Matrix…..I just hope you’re wearing extra strong Kevlar Barack, because in some parts of your divided nation that’s the only healthcare you will need!

Dangerous sports travel insurance

footballer accident insurance

Those of you who are working in Insurance in the UK might remember those ‘crazy claims’ stories and cartoons in the Insurance Press.
You know the sort ” I was proceeding down meadow lane at 25mph when an elephant jumped over a bush……….”
Well, here at Insurance Blogger part of our network has been collecting Internet leads for specialist insurance schemes for over ten years now.
During that time we have been asked to find insurance for some incredible artifacts, property and business employers liability insurance for some incredible professions.
We’ve usually managed to help.
In fact I’m going to publish some of them on this blog every now and then.
However there have always been certain things that you couldn’t find cover for.

One in particular that springs to mind was this crazy amazing base jumper (he’d done loads of buildings) who wanted travel insurance for base jumping in New Zealand.
We tried really hard to find him cover but in those days no one was offering dangerous sports travel insurance.

dangerous sports insurance

So it was refreshing to see that Sportscover direct are offering travel insurance and other cover for nearly all sorts of dangerous sports and holidays including snowboarding travel insurance and skiing and abseiling cover.

They cover virtually every type of sport within which clubs, players, teams, coaches and managers can all be individually insured for accident, liability and personal and commercial insurance. Whats more you can insure kids as well!