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Sports Insurance Explained

Britain is one of the World’s leading sporting nations with millions taking part in all sorts of events up and down the length and breadth of the country every day of the year. Surprisingly though many of us take part in sports without knowing the potential risks and possibly life changing consequences that can occur on the local park, playing field or fun run marathon, as easily as they could at Twickenham or Wembley, for example.

All sports involve risks of varying degrees both to those involved in organisation, participation or merely spectating. So in this year of the London Olympics, Insurance Blog takes a look at the different types of risks that players, clubs and coaches may face both on and off the field and the various covers and policies that are available to protect both individuals and businesses involved in sport.

Sports injury and accident insurance is perhaps the most widely sort after personal protection cover by sportsmen and women who wish to indulge in the favourite pastimes without fear that an injury will financially hurt themselves or others. Sports accident and liability insurance policies can be bought by individuals, coaches and sports clubs and is available to adults and children both amateur and professional.

Individual cover
Sports Accident Insurance policies offer a range of protection for loss of earnings or income, personal liability to others you may injure in the course of the sporting activity, physiotherapy for recovery, legal expenses against being sued and various levels of personal accident and injury rehabilitation cover, the cost often dependent upon the type of sport in which the policyholder is engaged. Cover can be purchased for a single day, multiple day event or on an annual basis.
Typically sports liability insurance will cover you against claims of up to £2 million although higher limits of public liability indemnity are available.
Personal Accident cover is available to both adults and children involved in sports and the levels of cover and benefits paid are usually comensurate with the premium charged. If you are injured playing sports you will receive payouts for your injury as defined in the policy.
The cost of sports injury insurance is dependent on a number of factors such as what you do for a living and how much income protection you need, if any. Many policies are flexible and allow you to add additional covers or raise limits, usually for a price.

Sports Team Insurance
This offers exactly the same types of liability, accident and income protection cover as for individuals, however on a team basis with the number of players or squad covered defined by the team sport. Additional covers can include travel insurance for away fixtures, property insurance, and ground cover for clubs. The sports team insurance cover is available for both children and amateur or semi-pro adults teams and premiums vary depending upon the type of sports activity engaged in and the occupations of the players.

Sports Coaches, Instructors and Personal Trainers
If you are involved in sports coaching or training as a business then it is essential that you cover yourself against claims or loss of earnings and if you employ staff to assist, then employers liability insurance is a legal requirement.
Coaches and trainers can purchase annual packages and schemes that are particularly designed with their activities in mind. As with individual sports accident policies, Coaches insurance includes income protection covers, personal accident covers and public liability as standard, which can be extended to cover employees and products where necessary.
A feature of Sports Coach, Fitness Instructors and Sports Trainers package cover that is unique to this insurance is that of advice inclusion which is effectively professional indemnity insurance.
As a coach you are in a position of trust giving advice to those around you who expect the advice and knowledge you pass on to them to be correct and safe. If the advice you give proves to be negligent you could find yourself facing expensive legal action if one of your ‘students’ decides to claim. This advice inclusion protects you against such eventualities.

Sports Business Insurance
If you are in a sports based business you will need a specialist sports business insurance policy. These annual commercial packages offer employers liability usually up to £10 million to protect you against negligence claims from your employees, public liability with varying amounts up to £5 million to proctect your business against claims from the public and product liability if you supply sporting goods or apparatus.
Sports business insurance packages also offer buildings and contents insurance for offices, clubs and sports grounds as optional covers. This type of business insurance is open to sole traders, partnerships, sports clubs and charities and limited companies engaged in sports activities.

Sporting Event Insurance
If you are organising a one off sporting event such as a marathon or kids football match or a five day event of sport such as a surfing or skateboard festival, you will need sporting event insurance. The policies offer basic public liability insurance determined by the number of spectators, which could be fifty or fifty thousand for example. In addition employers liability cover is a must for staff and is usually available as an additional option. Most policies also offer cancellation and pluvial insurance covers, although these can significantly add to the cost of organising the event. Cover is available for single events and is often charged by the day.

Accident and Sickness Insurance for the Self Employed

Accident and Sickness Insurance For the Self Employed

If you are just starting out in business or have been self employed for some time you should consider protecting not just yourself, but also your home and family against the possibility of you having an accident at work or home, or perhaps getting sick for a long time and not being able to work.

Both of these risks happen every day to someone unfortunate and it would be a brave person to jeopardise their home and business when accident and sickness insurance is widely available online to purchase in an instant cover that has been specifically designed for the self employed, and would remove all those worries.

Accident insurance is always sold as a policy in conjunction with Sickness insurance. This can usually be purchased individually as what is known as a disability cover or bundled up in a group of insurance products usually known as ASU (Accident, Sickness and Unemployment) or as Protection Insurance, commonly known as PPI.

When you purchase accident and sickness cover, you purchase levels of protection as units of what is known as monthly benefit. So for example if you need 1000 units of monthly cover you pay by the percentage rate cover unit determined by how old you are.

Typically a thirty year old in the UK who buys disability insurance from a well known independent supplier, will pay as little as GBP18 per month for GBP1000 worth of benefits, should they get sick or have an accident, leading to missing time off work.

ASU can be particularly cheap for self-employed persons if bought without the unemployment element of cover, which has significantly increased the cost of this type of cover in the near past due to the economic crisis.

Working for yourself is hard enough work alone, without having to worry about where the money is going to come from to pay the bills if you have to stop your business dealings for any time due to an accident or sickness.
Protection Insurance products such as mortgage, lifestyle and income protection, all offer peace of mind and cover for anyone who works for themselves or as a contractor, and is not covered by any existing employer accident compensation.

Be aware that any long term pre-existing medical condition usually excludes you from purchasing Payment Protection Insurance or Sickness Insurance cover.

Shop around the independent providers of ASU for accident insurance, as there are always good deals to be had in this very competitive market Sickness Insurance and Accident Insurance for the self-employed can be purchased quickly online from leading UK companies.

iProtect assure Income Protection Insurance clients are covered for Swine Flu

Specialist provider of lifestyle insurance and income payment protection insurance products, have today not only assured their existing customers that they are covered for swine flu and it’s after effects, but have also issued a rallying cry to those worried about whether they are covered or not, to switch any ASU policy today at no cost and with no exclusion penalties – you might even save a lot of money!

Spokesman for the company Dennis Haggerty said

“At iprotect we have always refused to sell Unemployment insurance without it being combined with Accident and Sickness cover as well. This is because our statistics show some of the most expensive and long running claims are for sickness. It is really the only way to be fair to customers to ensure they are covered in of work for any form of involuntary unemployment, not just redundancy.

Despite the recession and the huge increase in unemployment, still some 40% of the claims we receive are for Accident and Sickness related absence from work. Some of our past claimants have been so unwell they could not work for close to a year. The Swine Flue outbreak is a reminder to us all why it is important to have Accident Sickness and Unemployment cover, Further, if people become infected and potentially seriously debilitated by damage to their lungs and internal organs, quite possibly they could be many months off of work.

Modern medical science may avoid deaths in the UK, but if the strain mutates and prevents its victims returning to work, it is some comfort to know that at least the bills will be paid and benefits paid under their iprotect policy prevent their family finances spiraling out of control.”

InsuranceBlogger has had a good look at the iProtect website. It’s very easy to use particularly if you are looking to switch or combine covers or policies. The ratres are some of the most competitive on the market and their lifestyle insurance offers exceptional cover at very cheap rates.

Specialist Bike Insurance for Off Roading Enduro Racing

On one of the hottest days of last year (were there any?) before the rains took over, we drove up into the wild-lands of Cornwall to watch an Enduro Bike Racing Championship event.

Insurance Blogger was obviously looking at everything with risk in mind and saw many spectacular falls and ‘crashes’ enough to turn an experienced underwriter grey, instantly.

Talking to the people involved and their fanatical family followers, you soon learn why Enduro racing is such a popular and rapidly growing sport. Many ‘road’ bikers are selling their big road bikes and investing in much smaller machines such as the KTM range of trials / off road / motor cross / call it what you want type of weekend bike. And believe it or not the all tell you the same thing…..

That riding a trials bike around forests and streams and mountains and bogs and moors, is far safer than riding a bike on the road to work everyday, and is a great way to stay alive and yet still enjoy the thrill of biking. One of the reasons is the modern body armour worn by all but a few of the most foolhardy racers, which usually prevents damage to just bruising when you go head first into a tree at fifty miles an hour.

So I was not so surprised to learn later that you can get tailored Enduro Bike Racing Accident Insurance cover and sports accident travel insurance to protect you against personal injuries sustained while enduro racing. There’s a whole range of cover options available at Personal Accident Insurance, where they’ll obtain basic motorbike insurance cover for your bike as well if required.

Personal Accident viral marketing video

It might not be to everybody’s taste but viral marketing has been one of the major success stories on the Internet.
Insurance companies with their massive marketing budgets have been slow to catch on and rely on multi-million pound campaigns featuring nodding dogs and flying pigs to get their brand across.
Hurrah for and step forward mortgage protection company Personal Accident for grabbing the initiative with the following silly – but very watchable, if not PC ad for hazardous sports accident insurance.

Whether you think its crap or not, it demonstrates the viral capabilities of video, accessible to everyone from their mobile phones and more importantly, while all the big budget insurance players are wasting their money on TV ads and trying to get to the top of search engines, they’ve missed the point that more people visit and than visit Google these days.

Social marketing is becoming more important daily and those pioneers will grab a large share of the personal recommendation market.