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Street Party Insurance for Diamond Jubilee Celebrations

Britain has a history of partying in the streets, going back centuries. In recent years, on a National scale, only the Victory in Europe Celebrations in 1945 have eclipsed major Royal events such as the various Royal weddings and the Silver Jubilee street parties of 1977, in street party popularity and attendance.

However since the millennium street parties have become regular events in all types of communities both urban and rural who regularly hold street events bringing all different members of the community together in celebration.
The Big Lunch event organised by the Eden Project on streets up and down the UK, is now in its tenth year and with over one million participants each year is one of the largest nationally organised parties.
The Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II is expected to increase the number participating by a factor of ten and street parties are also being planned throughout the Summer of 2012 for sporting events such as the European Football tournament and the London Olympics, which will further spread the craze.

Are there street party rules?

If you are organising a street party in your road you may not need a licence from your local council if the party is of a small size. However if the party is likely to interfere with traffic and parking or may disturb other residents, it is likely you will need a council licence. Check the rules for your area on your local county council website or refer to the UK Government advice about street parties at Directgov. A street party licence usually has a condition that minimum £1 million of public liability insurance cover should be in place for the licence to be valid.

Street Party Insurance covers

street party insurance - instant online cover

Even if your street party does not require licensing, it is highly advisable to purchase street party insurance to cover all the organisers and attendees against any injury, damage or loss and the consequences of the organisers being liable for any court awarded damages and costs.
Unfortunately parties and events where people relax and enjoy themselves, particularly if alcohol is involved, often end up in loss or personal injury.

All party insurance policies carry public liability insurance as the most basic cover with the option to add employers liability, cancellation cover and property damage cover up to a fixed amount. Employers liability cover is a legal requirement of street party organisers if you employ any staff to help or organise the event.

Purchasing street party insurance online is nowadays a straightforward process and packages for jubilee street party insurance cover are available at very competitive rates from leading event insurance specialists such as
The application is quick and can be completed online with the premium calculated from fixed rates. Customers can choose varying levels of indemnity for liability covers and choose to add on cancellation covers and property losses up to £50000 if required. Premiums for a small street party start around £50 per day and the costs are minimal when divided up amongst the neighbours. The larger your road the cheaper the insurance costs per capita.

The Cost of Insuring The FIFA World Cup

Every four years Insurance Companies underwrite all the risks associated with holding and attending the World’s largest sporting event – The FIFA World Cup Finals.

Insurance Blog reports on the risks and covers available and the large premiums paid to ensure that this years Tournament currently going on in South Africa, went without a hitch…

World Cup Finals 2010 opening ceremony

The prior concerns and fears that had been raised over the insurance cover for the 2010 World Cup failed to materialise as the tournament passed off without a major incident or claim.

FIFA had been forced to build a R6.3 billion contingency fund (around a billion US dollars) to cater for the possible collapse of the 2010 event -  a lot of money when you consider that the winners Spain only receive £40 million pounds ($60 million) in prize money.  FIFA have taken out cover  for any kind of interruption, delay or abandonment of the World Cup and the consequent loss of revenues.

Individual players and their respective Football Association’s had to make their own arrangements for sports disability and sports accident  insurance , with the number of top players appearing at the tournament making it the most injury exposed in the history of the sport.

Fortunately for FIFA and the Insurance companies involved, the Tournament passed off without any major player injuries, which was fortunate as many National Football Associations, particularly those in Africa, would have struggled to meet the cost of covering the wages of the likes of Didier Drogba, Michael Essien, Soloman Kalou and Kolo & YaYa Toure, nevermind the liabilities to the individual Clubs.

Getting Married? Wedding Insurance May ReduceThe Pre-Nuptial Stress

Insurance Blog would like to congratulate one of our regluar contributors Kris Oldland and his new Mrs,  who recently tied the knot and took the plunge!
Well we couldn’t let him get away with not writing about his experiences so as soon as he got back from honeymoon we asked him ……….

Is wedding insurance a worthwhile product or is it just another expense to add to the list?

Well, as a newly wed here is my first piece of advice for those who have decided to take that stroll down the aisle.
Within reason don’t think about the expense, this is a once in a lifetime (hopefully!) occasion, the happiest day of your life and the memories that you make on this magical day are memories that will last you a lifetime.

The second piece of advice is for crying out loud get yourself insured!

The average wedding in the UK is now apparently £17,000 you can pick up a fairly robust premium for a cost starting at around just £30. This ladies and gentlemen really is a complete ‘no-brainer’.
Set a date, make the necessary bookings, arrange your wedding insurance cover and then start paying your deposits.
Get it done early and it is one less worry. Trust me there will be plenty of other things to worry about during the build up and on the day!

Even if you are thinking of not spending quite so much then a specialist wedding policy is still worth very serious consideration – you may be planning a small, intimate affair, but it is probably fair to assume that you will be buying some of the most expensive dresses, outfits and meals you have ever bought.

However, as with any form of insurance it is important to understand what your existing exposure to risk is before purchasing additional cover.
One suggestion is that to make payments on credit card where possible (although always make sure you can clear the balance immediately). Any payment between £100 and £30,000 can be claimed back through section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act if there is a problem with goods or services.

Also, many home contents insurance policies increase cover for a month either side of the wedding of someone in the household to cover wedding gifts and sometimes items bought for the wedding. Check your home insurance policy documents for details.

What you really need to be looking for in your wedding insurance policy is cover for loss of damage to the wedding attire, such as the wedding dress, as well as presents, the wedding cake, rings, flowers and gifts for the guests.

Most often cover starts a set period before the wedding and finishes a set period after – from seven days before to 24 hours after for wedding gifts, for example – but this will vary depending on the policy. Also you’ll be relying on wedding services from a range of providers so make sure your wedding insurance can cover any extra costs you incur up to the policy limit if things don’t go exactly to plan.

Wedding insurance also covers you for deposits you can’t recover or the cost of arranging alternatives if suppliers go bust (but don’t forget that you would already be covered by section 75 if you paid by credit card so do not pay an unnecessary premium if you have an option to opt out.)

The other important area to have covered by your wedding insurance is personal liability for injury to third parties or loss or damage to third party property. Again this is often covered either by your home insurance or the hotel’s own cover etc but this can be quite important if you have the wedding in a public place such as a beach or park etc.

There are additional areas of cover, some policies offer legal expenses, personal accident or even stress counseling but these really need to be tailored to your party’s individual needs.

The Internet has made it easy to purchase and Compare Wedding Insurance online, and you can save money both by shopping around and by visiting a specialist events insurance company, who often have better value for money products with a wider range of wedding insurance covers.