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Insurers Prepare For Global Doomsday Scenario

According to scientists the World as we know it is in imminent danger from a Doomsday scenario the likes of which would scare the science fiction writers and not even Dr Who could avert.

No we are not talking about global warming, plate tectonics, mega tsunamis, giant asteroids, disclosure and alien invasion or the Satanic manoeuvrings of the New World Order, but something much more likely to occur first.

The Insurance companies are starting to prepare for the event for the simple reason – it has happened before!

In late August 1859 a very strange phenomena was experienced all across the World which had never been reported before. It was only a short period prior to this date that man had started using electricity for technology.
The first electronic telegraph dates from 1832 when it was invented by Schilling.
As the event occurred, all across the globe telegraph systems failed, in some cases burning out and shocking the users and in others, continuing to transmit code even when disconnected from the electricity supply.

The phenomenon became known as the Carrington Event, was named after a British scientist who first identified the cause – simultaneous coronal mass ejections or CME’s. The CME’s of August to September of 1859 were the largest ‘solar flares’ ever recorded to date.

Threats to the Earth from the Sun include coronal mass ejections and solar radio bursts which create solar winds, solar radiation storms of cosmic rays and magnetic storms.

Coronal Mass Ejection

Coronal Mass Ejection

All of these have in the past since the Carrington Event occured on smaller scales and disrupted power stations, power grids, telephone and television systems.
Since the advent of the digital age, all inter-connected systems, computers and the Internet and homes and businesses are now at major risk.

Solar activity occurs in known 11 year cycles and we are now entering a phase where a large CME or worse is expected anytime between 2012 and 2015.

This fact has not gone unnoticed by Insurers and Governments and Lloyds of London have issued numerous warnings and produced white papers on the global risk potential to business and society.

The largest risks are to power supplies and communications which if destroyed or shut down globally for large periods of time, will be the the proximate cause of the rapid mass breakdown of society as we know it. The scenario is truly frightening and it doesn’t take too much of an imagination to visualise the consequence.


The Doomsday Vision of the Prophet Ezekiel

The Doomsday Vision of the Prophet Ezekiel

When a large CME occurs the size of the Carrington Event the World will have in the region of 12 to 17 hours of warning to prepare itself before we are hit by the ‘storm’. The normal rate at which solar flares take to reach the earth is two to three days.
Governments will not be able to supress that the event is about to occur due to the numerous individuals and agencies around the globe who are constantly watching and recording solar activity.
However short of sitting on your own personal Faraday cage with electronic equipment, batteries and generators, there is little that a business of individual can do to protect themselves from the electro-magnetic pulse and nothing much can protect from the cosmic radiation.

In a worse case scenario all power stations will be knocked out, transmission cables and electronic equipment – fried.

Satellites, television, radio, landlines, Internet and mobile phones will cease to function and there will be a Global communications blackout that could last for years!
Transportation will be massively affected. Trains, trucks and cars will stop working and planes will literally drop from the sky.

Electronic money will become worthless as ATMs and the systems that control them will be fried globally. Businesses will not be able to carry out any transactions and food supplies will rapidly diminish leading to massive civil unrest and riot.
Water systems which rely on pumps will fail to function and sewage and waste build-up will lead to large scale disease and death.
More frightening will be the secondary damage caused by the failure of the initial systems, such as was witnessed recently after the Fukushima Tsunami incident. When backup diesel generators for water cooling pumps failed due to a lack of supply,  it led to a nuclear core meltdown and radiation emissions not witnessed since Chernobyl. There are approximately 450 nuclear reactors worldwide!

No part of society will escape the consequences of such an event. Business interruption insurance and failure of service supply cover will either reach maximum levels of indemnity which are insufficient or be declared a fundamental risk.  The only action that individuals and businesses can take to mitigate the damage is in the words of Baden-Powell, to be prepared!

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