Comparing Commercial Insurance Quotes Online

A Guide to Comparing Commercial Insurance Quotes

You can’t turn the telly on these days without seeing an advert for tradesmans business insurance or commercial liability with all the big insurance comparison websites and direct insurance companies vying for attention at one dotcom or another. Insurance Blog asked Insurance Blogger Dave Healey to take a look at commercial insurance and small business insurance websites in the UK and see how easy it is to get commercial insurance quotes.

One upon a time it was virtually impossible to obtain commercial insurance quotes without a visit to the nearest regional General and Life offices of a large corporate insurer or if you were lucky a local high street commercial insurance broker who had access to at least one commercial insurance agency for most risks, and if really lucky this broker would have specialist business insurance schemes or access to Lloyds underwriting facilities.

Comparing Commercial insurance quotes just wasn’t an option for most businessmen who had better things to do with their time so they usually took the advice of a local broker who could at least place the business. Local and provincial brokers would appoint account managers and inspectors to regularly meet with their commercial clients and keep all the business local. Inertia set in and kept the competition down and prices for cover high.  Shopping around and comparing commercial insurance and getting a range of quotes just was not feasible until very recently…..

Today all sorts of commercial insurance products are available online either direct from insurers or via an intermediary such as a commercial insurance broker with online placement facilities. Some of the larger commercial intermediaries offer comparison sites for SME business, as do all the top four general price comparison sites that dominate the screens and rankings. The broker offerings are usually much wider than the price comparison sites and they have access to many more markets.

The downside to buying commercial insurance over the Internet from say a site more known for comparing car insurance or comparing credit cards, is that there is no one at the end of a phone to give you advice about your commercial risk and when it comes to claims…….computer says uh! Would you buy business insurance off this man?

For comparing commercial insurance quotes it is always wiser to use a broker comparison site. A UK Commercial Insurance broker site will allow you to compare products and prices from all the top insurers on their panel and offer advice and claims help when you need it. They can also arrange for cover for larger risks and provide services like surveys which are often a condition of the commercial insurance quotes given imposed by the system underwriting rules.

If you operate or are responsible for any type of business entity or commercial enterprise, in order to obtain the right insurance for the company you will need to find and compare suitable commercial insurance quotes. A quote is an offer of certain defined insurance covers in a policy for a monetary price.

Quotations can be obtained from numerous sources including locally from specialist high street insurance brokers, over the phone from insurance companies or brokers, or from the many online companies and comparison sites offering all types of insurance cover.

A commercial insurance quote forms a legal offer and is the basis of the contract of insurance between the proposer and the underwriting company. The information you provide on the quotation form is used to calculate both the premium quoted and the levels of cover offered on a policy. The quote data a company provides will be used to complete the policy documents. It is therefore very important that when applying for commercial insurance quotes that the information you supply about your business activities is correct and truthful.

Most companies offering quotes will agree to honour the price offered for a period of thirty days or one month following its issue. When obtaining a quote, regardless of the source, ensure that you retain the reference number which will enable you to either take up the or recall and revise the offer at a later time. Prices offered can fluctuate and a premium offered one week may not be available the next.

Quotes and premiums can be obtained for all business types and all business and commercial risks for both business liability and property insurance, either separately or combined in what is known as a package.

Commercial property insurance will typically provide cover for buildings and contents of business premises of varying types and sizes. For example a shopkeeper would be interested in covering his glass shop front and shop stock whilst a small draughtsman business would require a price for covering the business office equipment. For this reason quotes for a business are often given by insurance companies for packaged policies that are property specific, such as shop insurance quotes or office insurance quotes.

When looking for cover search for companies that offer quotes for your particular type of building. Let property buildings only insurance quotes are available for landlords who just want to cover the buildings, fixtures and fittings. Equally commercial property tenants and lease-holders can obtain quotes that only cover the contents, stock or liabilities.

Liability quotes can be obtained with either combined property insurance packages or as a standalone quotation for individual business liabilities. The most popular liability products quoted for are public liability insurance, employers liability insurance, product liability insurance and professional indemnity insurance.

Commercial liability quotes are widely available online for most trades and professions. Packages often offer all risks cover and if you are looking online most systems allow you to pick and choose various liability coverage options

When comparing quotes online you will not have the assistance of a broker to advise you. It is vital therefore to ensure that you check that the levels of indemnity and covers offered are sufficient for your business, because levels of commercial insurance cover quoted for, can vary as often as the price.

Commercial Insurance quotes are available from UK Commercial Insurance who operate one of the UK’s largest online commercial insurance comparison and online brokerages.

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