UK Government Declares War On Private Motor Insurance

By A Consumer – War Correspondent  – Car Insurance War Front Line

The UK Government has declared war on the private motor insurance market.

The Government has yet to decide who the enemy actually is, although one ethnic group ‘CFA referal collectors’ have been singled out for the death camps and news coming out of Westminster today confirms this.

The call for the ‘War on Car Insurance’ from the media and consumer led groups has reached deafening proportions recently and the UK Government will tell you they have been forced to act.

The AA have stated that the ‘average’ car insurance premium has risen by 40% and on the word of the AA and probably as a deflection away from the more pressing economic issues, battle has begun.

Government Forces Attack

First into battle yesterday for the Government, was the consumer watchdog the OFT (Office of Fair Trading). They have been asked by HQ to find out if the price rises are real and whether there are any (choke) anti competitive practices occurring in the UK private motor insurance market that may be pushing up prices.

To do this they have initially asked those thought to be contributing to the high costs of car insurance and will then ask the nation to contribute in an open call to arms, to publicly air their grievances on car insurance price hikes, by filling in a form.

The OFT has asked all the suspects to contribute to the war effort or else stand accused of being part of the problem not the solution to higher car insurance premiums.

Most Wanted Suspects

1.  Price Comparison  Websites

2. Replacement Vehicle and Car Hire Companies

3. Approved Motor Vehicle Repairers.

4. Insurance Companies Products.

None of the major suspects is being pulled in for interrogation at this point in time. They have been given 5 weeks until October 12 to comply with the resolution or face shock and awe.

A spokesperson for the regime said’

“We will be engaging with participants in this market, trade bodies, the Government, regulatory agencies and consumer groups over the next five weeks by issuing information requests, arranging roundtable discussions and holding bilateral meetings.

Information requests:

We will also be inviting comments from consumers and other interested parties. The OFT is, however, unable as part of this study to address or advise consumers in this market on individual matters or complaints.

Any party that wishes to submit their written views, can e-mail by 12 October 2011 or write to:

Private Motor Insurance Call For Evidence
Fourth Floor
Office of Fair Trading
Fleetbank House
2-6 Salisbury Square
London EC4Y 8JX “.

Second Front Opens with Pincer Movement

As soon as the OFT went into battle yesterday, it was immediately announced that the Government were opening up another front with a full out attack of its heavily armed praetorian guard, the FSA, against those supplying information to the enemy in return for money.

The practice is to be banned immediately it has been confirmed today, indicating that the government will take the side of Insurers against Lawyers. Questions of the legality of the war and the interfering with free trade could be raised at the international courts at a later date.

Tensions between Solicitors and Insurance Companies have been rising steadily over the last few years with Insurers furious about having to pick up massive bills for professional negligence by solicitors involved in mortgage and building surveying disputes. In many cases Solicitors PI premiums have been raised so high that many solicitors are now finding it impossible to practice.

Coupled with the massive amounts that the insurance companies are having to pay against public liability and employers liability claims for negligence, it appears the Insurance companies have finally had enough.

The number of car accidents involving personal injury claims is 31% down on the average for ten years prior, however the cost of personal injury claims has more than doubled from £7bn to £14bn in the past ten years and motor insurance premiums have risen at least 30% this year.

Insurance companies are blaming Conditional Fee Arrangements (CFA’s) or ‘No Win No Fee’ for the rising costs of car insurance. They argue that there is no disincentive, such as having to pay if you lose, that’s stops people making a claim if you have been injured in a car insurance accident.

The Government has stopped going as far as banning CFA’s completely, which would seriously impede that right to justice for the majority of the people in this country who cannot afford solicitors bills of £180 per hour +.

Today it has announced that those referring accident injury victims to solicitors and lawyers will be banned from receiving payment!

It also seems that the special relationship that UK Insurance companies have with UK Government through the ABI etc. appears stronger than that of the Law Society and Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) who traditionally only find allies in the other place, the House of Lords.

It also appears that the Government think that the Insurance Companies, who set the car insurance prices, are not actually responsible for their own pricing!

Insurance Blog will keep you abreast of all the developments as the war on car insurance unfolds. We will also be running a series of posts that examine in detail the questions being asked of the Motor Insurance Market.

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