Gadget Insurance – Better Security Reduces Theft Risk

Most of us live our lives around our gadgets these days and whether its our 3g mobile, laptop or ipad – it is at risk!

What’s more, in many cases our lifestyles are also at risk as our gadgets carry so much personal and company information and are in effect, our the portals to our social and business lives.

Insurance Blog and if the claims figures are to be believed, half the country, know only too well the pain involved in lifestyle interruption caused by losing a gadget!

The cost of replacing the item can be covered by traditional gadget insurance polices, but insurance as yet does not compensate for lifestyle interruption. So it is good to see alternative methods to insurance being used to tackle this ever growing problem.

Catch That Thief!

The solution to replacing a gadget is to recover it and new security software is already showing some truly amazing results. After all I’d rather get my laptop or phone back than get a new model of market value, as it contains all my personal files and contact details.

Prey Security Software

One solution for PC and laptop theft or mislay is a piece of software called Prey. When you loose your laptop you simply login to your Prey account and activate the device as missing. Sit back and wait for your phone to text. (assuming you haven’t had that stolen as well) and you can login to the Prey website and see a map of just where the device is being used and if its got a webcam you can see who is using it! You’re nicked sonny!

Check out the Prey Software in action on the BBC Video as it catches a real life laptop thief. The video also contains invaluable information on services to protect your other gadgets as well.

Insurance Blog welcomes any measures that help reduce premiums, so we expect all the gadget insurance suppliers to radically slash their rates for those who have anti theft devices for their gadgets!

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