Riots and Business Insurance Claims For Property Damage

The impact of riots on the community can have long-lasting and unforeseen effects.

Riots may not last very long, but the time to put a community back to where it was takes a lot longer.

For a business or property owner the work ahead can be daunting.

The actual damage to each premise needs to be accessed and repaired.

This can take time and may depend on whether adequate insurance was taken out to cover the damage.
If adequate insurance is in place insurance companies need to access the damage.

Putting Things Right

There maybe damage to the property, injury to staff, residents, tenants and owners.
Tenants maybe homeless. New temporary accommodation needs to be found.

Loss Adjusters need to be appointed to look and access the damage and give authority for repair work to commence. Quotations from repairers have to be given and of how long and when work can commence once agreed.
Immediate remedial damage may need to be repaired eg windows boarded up, broken glass cleared, any unstable structures removed .

Removal of goods not stolen need to be placed in a secure area to avoid further loss. Further accommodation and storage space may need to be found.

Vehicles may need to be hired if transport or commercial vehicles have been damaged. This can also delay work be carried out if contractors have damaged vehicles as well.

Evaluating Business Continuity and Business Interruption

Shop keepers and property owners have to decide if they can continue to trade and should ask themselves the following question:

Is the structure safe?

Do they have still have goods to sell?

Is there chance of further rioting?

If thieves have raided the shop will new stock have to be ordered?

How long will the stock take to deliver?

Are supplies of gas, water and electricity working ?

Have staff been injured or mugged?

Can staff get to and from work?

Are staff involved in the riots in any way?

Have they been arrested or injured?

Will they need time out because their homes have been damaged?

Are there any customers or are they too scared to enter the area or have police closed the area?


If you have been affected by the riots it is imperative that you contact your insurance company immediately to pursue a claim. If you do not have insurance but have been affected and have suffered loss, visit your local police station and report the incident and inform them you wish to make as claim under the Riot Damages Act of 1886.

For more information on the various types of business insurance and commercial property insurance available for riot and civil commotion cover, visit UK Commercial Insurance.

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