Police Negligence Fails to Mitigate Riot Insurance Losses

Watching live coverage of the riots as they happened across the UK it was quite clear that the Police were totally unprepared to deal with incidents of this type, and more worryingly their laissez-faire approach has cost this Economy tens of millions of pounds in damage that could have been avoided.

Listening to these patronising Chief Constables talking about how they were going to go after these criminals  ‘after the event’ made Insurance blog feel sick.

Countless stories appeared on the TV news of how business people saw the Police stand by and watch doing nothing to prevent their livelyhoods being trashed by mindless kids.

From recent dealings with the Police I am disgsuted that their attitude to everything is that Insurance is there to pick up the bill for their professional negligence.

Well it isn’t!

Insurance Blog urges all UK Insurance companies to refuse to pay for riot damage where the Police stood around idly and watched a bunch of kids run riot.

Under UK Law if the Police are not able to deal with a situation the risk becomes Fundamental and is the responsibility of inept UK coalition Government, and not covered by any insurance policy. The taxpayer will then be footed with the bill for damage that could have been mitigated.

Insurance Blog predicted that the minority conservative Government would cause riots on the streets of Britain and we were right. If the cuts continue there is a lot worse to come!

Don’t rely on the Police saving your home and property and if the trouble gets any worse, they just stand around filming, and I’d read that fineprint of that policy very carefully!

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