Insurance Employees Favourite TV Shows

It was very hot at the office of Insurance Blog today and not the best of working conditions.

However a bit of light relief went around the office with the results of the Insurance company department favourite gameshows of all time poll.

Here are the results in no particular order…….

Insurance All Time Favourite Game Shows

Underwriters – Jeopardy
Loss Adjusters – The Price is Right
Actuaries – 15 to One
Marketing Department – Catchphrase
Claims  – Total Wipeout
Accounts – Double Your Money
New Business – Blind Date
Personnel – Britains Got Talent
Senior Management – Big Brother
Claims Fraud – Give Us a Clue
IT Dept – Eggheads
Call Centre – 100 to 1
Products Department – Take it or Leave it
Risk Assessors – The Weakest Link
Account Executives – In it to Win it

Well its nearly silly season…

If your Insurance company department has a favourite gameshow or even maybe a favourite song, write and let us know at the email address at the bottom of the page……

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