A look at Pub Insurance risks

Protect your business with public house insurance from specialist commercial insurance brokers

Pub insurance is a valuable form of insurance as it provides you the publican with protection for your employees in the event of them being injured. It also provides security against theft in the workplace.

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Pub insurance can provide cover for a variety of risks, which can be tailored to your individual business needs.

If you hire staff to work in your pub , then your public house insurance must include employer’s liability insurance, as this is a legal requirement in the UK.

You may wish to include additional forms of cover in your insurance, for example property or public liability insurance.

You might also choose to insure your stock and inventory,have protection against a loss of your license, or to protect money on the premises.

Liability for employers and public liability.

Generally employers liability insurance is a legal requirement in the UK and as such it should take priority. The next thing you may want to insure is for public liability and property liability. If a member of the public were to suffer injury whilst on your property this form of insurance protects you. This form of cover is usually taken out alongside liability insurance for property.

The latter provides you with the necessary coverage if a third party (such as a delivery driver) is injured while on your premises.

When these options are combined in your public house insurance you have protection for finances and to cover losses as the result of an accident occurring on your premises The majority of public houses will keep a large amount of stock.Inventory and stock protection.

Generally a public house holds a great deal of stock. A policy typically protects against theft, any accidents that damage stock and losses to stock and inventory that is unforeseen. Public house insurance can include cover for these items, preventing the situation where your business may come to a halt if stock is either lost in transit or stolen from your premises.

Money cover and assault insurance – Whilst every publican would hope that a theft or assault never occurs on their premises, all business owners can potentially face this situation. With insurance to fall back onto you are protected in the event that money was stolen from your premises, or if you were attacked on the way to the back with your takings for the night.

Assault cover is provides financial support to assist anyone who is injured if an assault occurs in the workplace.

Loss of Licence – Insurance against loss of licence is a very important element for public house insurance, which should be given careful consideration. Your business relies on its licence to be able to function, so a loss of licence could hit you hard. To protect against significant financial loss if you lose your licence, taking out appropriate loss of licence insurance could be essential. If you want peace of mind against a variety of events then you may wish to consider public house insurance.

When considering the range of options that are available when taking out insurance it can be confusing. If you’re uncertain about where to start and which elements you require to comprehensively insure your business, then getting advice from a pub commercial insurance broker or specialist could be the answer.

A specialist pub insurance provider will be able to help you tailor your insurance policy to meet your specific needs as a business owner.

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