Mobile Technology for Insurance Claims

Insuranceblogger was out walking the other day when I heard a loud bang!

First I saw two smashed up cars with steam hissing out of them…

Then I saw two elderly ladies fighting to be the first to video the scene and get it to their car insurance company before the other.

First to Claim victory mentality!

Here’s an interesting post on the subject of mobile technology and car insurance claims from the pen of the Car Insurance TV ….

Nokia 6700 Mobile Phone Makes An Instant Online Car Insurance Claim

by Car Insurance Blogger
I’m not a great fan of mobile phones. Let me rephrase that…I wasn’t a great fan of mobile phones, I don’t even own one, I get sick of the site of one stuck to my Mrs’s ear or ringing with the most absurd ‘personal’ ringtone in the train carriage on the way to the Car Insurance blog office.

No I didn’t like mobiles, they invade your personal privacy and demand to be answered even at the most inconvenient times.

As for the use of mobile phones in cars I was and still am a great advocate of the hands free rule. If you’d seen the number of car insurance accidents that were occurring before the clampdown, you’d agree!

So I wasn’t the least bit interested when my wife was going on about this new mobile she’d got for free from Vodafone, a Nokia 6700. It’s got bluetooth and she asked me to set it up for her to use in the car, which I obligingly did under threat of not getting my dinner cooked!

Well this morning my wife goes off to work as usual when I get a call on the landline.

She’s had a Car Accident! Some idiot has gone up her rear in a 20mph zone!

After establishing that she was alright, just a little shaken up and shocked, I asked her if she had got the other parties car insurance details and said that I hoped that she hadn’t admitted any liability, and did she want me to call the car insurance company and arrange making a claim…..

“Yes, No and Sorted”, came back a short retort!

“What Do you mean sorted I asked?”

“It’s done, I made the claim from my mobile at the scene. I even sent them videos of the accident and a load of stills! I copied you in! have a look on your email……

So I did!

Incredible! At last claims departments of Car Insurance companies are living in the 21st century and taking advantages of the new technologies available to minimise the loss through efficiency. I wonder how quick the said car insurance company will be in replacing or repairing her car?

I’m glad we took out the replacement vehicle extra cover as we’re off on a short breakl for our wedding anniversary this weekend. I was trawling the Internet looking for hotels when she had the accident.
Now I guess I’d better get back online and buy her some flowers. This technology may be saving car insurance companies money, but it sure seems to be costing car insurance blogger!

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