Van Insurance – Stalking White Van Man is taking over the UK!

You either love them or like me, hate them, but there is no denying that you can’t avoid them!

They are Everywhere and You can’t escape from Them!

I’m talking about the unique UK phenomena of ‘White Van Man’, that you will be stuck behind on every road and see parked with reckless abandon on every street corner thoughout the length and breadth of the country.

Insurance Blogger shouldn’t really knock them as the ‘old man’ slaved away for years at the home of the Ford Transit in Swaythling Southampton, and it’s an acknowledgement of ‘Great British Design’ that the Transit is still one of the biggest ‘culprits’ today!

But Why White?

Well when I was a kid the black van man was always a ‘copper’!

Anyway, largely because of the Internet and local delviery, they are out there on our roads and they are dangerous, especially the stalking subset called Cowboy Builders from Essex; so we had better insure them right?

We’ve been looking around at what’s available for White Van Man and have found that the best deal to be had online Van Insurance at the current time is through Direct Line and is not available on comparison websites.
It’s just been launched as a standalone product on Car Insurance TV……..
Full Tools and Liability covers are available online.

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