Post Budget Blues or Pre Election Reds – Playing Risk with Your Future!

So Alisdair Darling delivered his pre-election budget to a crowd of disinterested Brits yesterday and effectively opened the floodgates for the six week marathon of Polls, Accusations, Taunts, Cajolery, Calumny and Political Bollocks that culminates with you putting your X in the box of damage limitation and patting yourself on the back for being Democratic. (Especially if you are from an extremist party such as the BNP)

So what are the choices?
Hmm – A pompous inexperienced public school prat of the Harry Enfield mold with zero social conscience or a one eyed Scot with questionable religious motives whose already been given the chance to ‘change’ things and failed miserably in some quarters!

Yep, I can hear you all shouting that there are other choices, but my yellow friends you are kidding yourselves. I want you to all return to your constituencies and prepare not to govern!

This is a straight Two horse race like it or not – although it may, like the pathetic Lib/Lab pact of the Seventies not decide the outcome at the first hurdle.
In fact with all these Tory created Strikes and Industrial actions leading up to the election I keep getting flashbacks that I’m in 1979…. God help us all….

So today unpolitical but always controversial Insurance Blogger, nails his colours firmly to the mast and asks you the British people…..

NOT TO VOTE FOR CHANGE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Because in case you haven’t noticed the UK Economy is on the brink of slipping back into recession.

The Interest Rates need to be kept as close to zero for at least another five years if the Japanese Economy recovery experience of the Nineties is to be followed.

A Conservative Government would naturally interfere with Interest Rates and the Bank of England monetary policies.
The Conservative party simply cannot be trusted not to inflate the rates to protect their own and their core voters savings!
Look what happened to the UK the last time they were allowed to Govern!
Lest we forget that quickly?


The Bank of England who along with the major European Insurance Companies, are currently doing a mighty fine job of managing UK Debt.

Insurance Companies can’t buy enough UK Government debt in the shape of gilts!

The last offering of UK debt this month was 3 times oversubscribed as the Insurance Illuminati rushed to defend Britain!

It looks like the UK Government are managing the debt pretty soundly!

Truth is, where else do you put your money? Greece? The Euro??

So if Insurance Companies (who BTW own everything including the banks) have faith in the Status Quo – - then So do I!

A vote for Cuckoo Cameron would be utter Madness. Cuckoo BTW because he hasn’t got any policies of his own!

Answers, objections and biased opinions in the comment box below please!


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