Ooh Yes! Churchill The Car Insurance Dog Soft Toy Outsells The Meerkat

The holding company of Churchill Insurance, RBS, whose future remains in doubt, must be pleased as punch to learn that sales of the Churchill nodding dog soft toy were ten percent higher than those of rival car insurance comparison website Compare the Market over the Christmas period, according to figures released today from the Association of British Toy Distributors.

Before they all go barking mad down at Churchill, it should be pointed out that the figures relate to sales of the bulldog stuffed toy against those of the Compare The Meerkat main character.

A Meerkat was only available through Harrods and supplies were restricted”The dog is now a part of British Culture and sales of the toy will enjoy longevity despite who owns the brand.”
” Ironically the Meerkat phenomena which started out as peculiarly British thing has spread as far as Namibia!”

The idea is seemple and not a new one either!
Remember the Nat West piggies?
With Social media here to stay as part of the Insurance Marketing mix, it looks like the Insurance logo soft toy spinoff market is a very lucrative source of extra income for cash strapped Insurance Marketing departments.

Insurance Blogger wonders what furry animal will be next to capture the hearts of the British Car Insurance buying public?

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