Insurance Marketing : NewTools For A Modern World

When the World Wide Web opened up the Internet for everybody nearly twenty years ago, one of the phrases that was bandied about at the time was that this new ‘Information Superhighway’ would be a level playing field where small could shout as loud as large.

This caused an initial flurry of activity by prescient insurance companies and a few savvy brokers, who bit the bullet and jumped into Internet Insurance transactional business, prior to the dot-com boom.

The playing field was not so level and over the years it appeared to Insurance Blogger that the online marketing spend and efforts of powerful Insurance Companies and a few brokers, had skewed the playing field further, and Internet Insurance Marketing had become a mirror of the physical world where he who spends the most gets their brand seen. The situation has become exacerbated by the dominance of price comparison sites and premium aggregators as further barriers to a successful Internet Insurance Marketing campaign by a small insurance broker, for example.

Insurance Brokers have felt particularly left out of the new wealth, as on the whole, they do not have the marketing budgets to fight back against the established big boys.

However recently there has been a massive shift in the Insurance Marketing paradigm which is allowing ‘those in the know’ to not only compete with the big boys but to retake the marketing initative and establish online market dominance for their chosen niche markets!

So how have they done this?

Well everything has changed in the world of Insurance Marketing with the arrival of Social Media Marketing. It appears it is no longer a question of buying attention for your brand by spending large amounts of cash, moreover a skill in engaging with your customers as communities, and a provider of information that is valuable. As experts with superior knowledge of their Insurance niches, Insurance Brokers are fighting back and winning the Insurance marketing war using the traditional skills of networking and information.

So how do they do this?

We asked the UK’s leading consultancy in the use of these ‘new tools’, Speedie Consultants, just what do you need to do today to establish visibility on the Internet?

What is Twenty First Century Insurance marketing?

Here’s what the Speedie Consulting’s managing director and world reknowned Insurance Internet Marketing Coach, Jason Hulott, told Insurance Blog……

Insurance marketing” , “web content” and “affiliate marketing” – these are all phrases that you may or may not be familiar with. However, these – and other marketing solutions – are key to boosting your business, both online and offline.

If you are looking to generate more business via your website, then it’s not a simple case of putting up a few pages and keeping your fingers crossed. No matter whether your finance and insurance business is based all online, or offline, you need to market your website through a number of several tried and tested methods, as well as keep ahead of your competitors as new marketing methods develop (eg social media).

Combined internet marketing and copywriting specialists Speedie Consultants Limited offers five main solutions for your finance and insurance marketing needs:

· web content

· article marketing (including link building)

· blog set up and marketing

· press release syndication

· affiliate marketing

Each of these elements are designed to maximise your exposure to potential clients. Speedie Consultants can tailor their service to meet your needs whether you want the comprehensive package or just one or two elements. A consultancy service is also available.


Speedie Consultants was established in 2003 by Jason and Stella Hulott, which sees them offering over 40 years’ combined experience in the internet marketing and copywriting industries. Supported by 15 freelance writers, a web design company and a web development team, they currently provide between 500,000 and 700,000 words of copy each month and can boost your business with finance and insurance marketing; the provision of web content; and affiliate marketing.

Jason’s background is in internet marketing – predominantly finance and insurance marketing – where he worked for the Woolwich before joining the UK’s first personal finance web aggregator in 2001 as a Content and Partnership Manager. In 2003 he set up Speedie Consultants, primarily providing internet marketing (including affiliate marketing), copywriting services and PR distribution services to finance clients such as Budget Insurance and British Insurance as well as non-finance clients such as

Stella is a PR and Copywriting specialist providing unique, quality web content. She has worked for Liverpool Victoria, Pearl Assurance, the Woolwich and the Foresters before co-founding Speedie Consultants Limited. Stella has written for major UK Finance and insurance websites such as,, parts of the Towergate Partnership, British Insurance, Enhanced Wealth, Burgesses and Protection Insurance plus many more.

Speedie Consultants can provide clients with a comprehensive service that allows you to enhance your presence both online and offline. Their consultancy service offers you the know how to do this, as well how to effectively:

· run affiliate marketing programs

· provide relevant, SEO friendly web content

· create and manage niche blogs

· write and syndicate articles for SEO benefits

· make the most of your finance and insurance marketing tools.

Thanks Jason, there’s obviously a lot to take on board in this Insurance Marketing Brave New World. Insurance Blogger thinks that Budget Insurance’s ‘Compare The Meerkat’ social media marketing campaign has a set the standard for a whole new wave of customer insurance marketing and interaction. Once again it looks like those who embrace this new media early will be the long term winners!

Watch this Space!

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