Euro On The Point Of Collapse – Victim Of A Trojan Horse?

If the Franco-German alliance fails to bail out the Greek debt then the Euro will most certainly collapse!

Mass Devaluation.

Cheap Holidays in the Sun!

Suddenly Europe will not be worth half as much as it was!

Worse still for the Euro Bankers is the fact that the amount of Greek debt appears unquantifiable due to some smart bookeeping by the previous conservative government who were incumbent for most of the credit crunch and the subsequent recession.

This is not going to impress those financial entrepreneurial illuminati who have their money tied up in the Euro and itchy fingers on the sale button!

Europe is supposed to be growing itself out of recession faster than the UK or USA.
Some say that this is a mirage and was a temporary bounce due to the Eurobankers encouraging consumer spending coupled with the christmas seasonal factor.
The overall trends appear to be down!

If the Euro collapses on the money markets, all participants will pay the price of the Greek tradegy.

I can already hear the British Euroskeptics say ‘I Told You So!’ as the Irish economy collapses.

So what will it mean for the UK and in particular the UK Insurance Industry?

Well Insurance Blogger thinks it could be a very good thing for the UK financial services industries as a whole.

After all when the Money markets sense a tsunami coming; the smart money always runs to the safest shores!

Of course the right wing euro-sceptics will claim victory in the advent of a Cameron led election victory; but the real praise must go to Gordon Brown and Barack Obama for not following the Euro pump priming recovery route.

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