Thatcher is Dead! At Least She had Pet Life Insurance

A text message reading “Thatcher has died” has sparked a minor diplomatic incident in Canada.
The author of the message was the country’s transport minister John Baird, who was announcing the death of his pet cat.
However Canada’s prime minister Stephen Harper was mistakenly informed that the message referred to the the 84-year-old former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher.

According to BBC News, frantic calls were placed to 10 Downing Street and Buckingham Palace, while rumours circulated among politicians attending a black tie gala event in Toronto.

A Canadian government aide even began preparing an official statement commemorating Mrs Thatcher’s passing.

Luckily the identity of the “real” Thatcher, a 16-year-old grey tabby, was quickly clarified.

Fortunately the old moggie has pet life insurance an element of Cat Insurance which will cover the costs of  the state funeral.

In Memorium we were going to publish a few pictures of Thatcher’s 11 year in office achievements… here’s some treasured memories anyway!

1981 Riots in every town in the UK

1982 – The Falklands War
1984 The Miners Strike
Restructuring The Economy – The 1980′s
Happy Days!
Think before you vote!

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