Green Shoots in the UK Economy and Markets?

There’s been a lot of positive talk in the UK housing market over the last few days or so……..Onward Christian Soldiers…..

Relaxation of the credit stanglehold?

Total net lending to individuals rose by £0.3 billion in October. The twelve-month growth rate fell to 0.7%, and the three-month annualised growth rate increased 0.3% to 0.5%, according to new figures from the Bank of England.

Money for New Mortgages?
The value of building society mortgage approvals in October was £1,511 million – broadly in line with the £1,565 million of approvals in September according to new figures from the Building Societies Association.
Gross lending also remained steady with £1,666 million being lent in October compared to £1,605 million in September.
Within the total, net lending secured on dwellings increased by £0.9 billion, in line with the September increase and above the previous six-month average of £0.6bn. The twelve-month growth rate was unchanged, at 0.8%. The three-month annualised growth rate increased 0.4 percentage points to 1.0%. Within total secured lending, secured lending by banks (excluding the effects of securitisations) increased by £3.1 billion, slightly below the September increase (£3.3bn) but above the six-month average of £2.6bn.
The number of loan approvals for house purchase (57,345) was above the September figure (56,205) and above the previous six-month average, whereas approvals for remortgaging (24,596) were below both the September figure and the previous six-month average.The number of loans approved for other purposes (29,195) was higher than in September and higher than the previous six-month average.

Credit Cards – Britains ‘Secret’ loan sharks!
Consumer credit fell by a net £0.6 billion, below the previous six month average of -£0.1bn. Credit card lending increased by £0.1 billion and other loans and advances fell by £0.7 billion. The annual growth rate of consumer credit continued to fall, to -0.1%; the three-month annualised growth rate fell to -2.2%.

Housing Market still in Cheyne-Stokes
House prices grew by 0.2% in November according to the latest national house price survey published by Hometrack, the housing intelligence business – the fourth consecutive increase in prices, bringing the year on year rate of house price growth to -2.9%.
Commenting on this month’s survey, Richard Donnell, Director of Research said:
“There are three distinct elements to the latest results from this and other recent surveys. This first is that prices continue to post month on month increases. The second is the extent of prices rises across the country and the number of households who have seen an improvement in market conditions over 2009. The third, and most important element, is the short term outlook for prices.”
“This is the third consecutive month that the survey has posted a 0.2% price rise. Add to this a growth in sales volumes and it is easy to see how agents are beginning to feel more confident about sustainable pricing levels – at least in the short term. But this pick up in market activity and prices is not one that has been felt across the whole country. The stark reality is that there are large swathes of the country where prices have remained unchanged or have seen continued price falls.”
Over the last 6 months London and the South East have consistently seen the largest number of postcodes registering price rises – values are up across 78% of London and over half of the South East. Yet in five regions less than 20% of the market has registered any price rise.

Personally I see nothing in these indicators to warrant any change of course by the Bank of England regarding Interest Rates.
It is quite clear however that the money invested by the British people into the Quantitive Easing ‘project’ is clearly designed to line the pockets of those within the system where the money will not ‘trickle down’ into the general money supply.
The credit strangulation of SME’s and individuals is as bad as ever!

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