UK TV Ad Revenue Underwritten by Car Insurance Price Comparison War!

When Insurance Blogger was a nipper…..

Back in the 1960′s if you were lucky you had a black and white televison – the box!
with an aerial that looked like a sea mine or something out of Doctor Who sitting on top of it.

There were 2 UK TV Channels:

The BBC – Mother of the Nation and voice of the world……

& ITV – which was a loose consortium of regional independent television companies that broadcast on their own frequency AND network distribution relay.

This meant that every time you changed channel, which was a process of turning a huge dial until you got a fuzzy ghost image – you had to turn the aerial as well to switch to a different signal supplier.

This caused much distress in every UK Household with people arguing over aerial placement whilst trying to watch fuzzy images of man supposedly walking on the Moon.

The Independent Television Companies were funded by advertising revenue for commercials placed in programme ‘intermissions’ known in the UK as ‘Commercial Breaks’. This allowed companies like Granada to fund their own programmes and make ‘soaps’ like Coronation Street.
Product placement was banned on The BBC and was also severely limited as to the acceptable use of on screen products, within ITV programme drama of the day.

This ban has very recently been lifted and you might soon even see the BBC’s Phil Mitchell on Eastenders popping down to his local Post Office TM for some Travel Insurance or visiting a car insurance comparison website for his Jaguar insurance, coming to our screens as desperate TV production companies try to raise additional funding in hard times.

Even the BBC will not remain immune in the face of falling TV viewing figures and the rise of integrated digital services.

Today ITV is still reliant upon revenue sourced from intermission commercials, however with global distribution opportunities for selling programmes abroad they are now able to find sponsors for most popular shows.

According to a recent survey by business intelligence group DataWatch Monitor UK, Insurance adverts account for 52% of the total advertising revenue spend on UK TV commercials and specifically car insurance comparison which accounts for 63% of that.

So Who is spending all this money, millions of pounds that is underwriting some great UK independent TV productions?

Well unless you live under a rock or don’t own a screen (Boxes are consigned to pre-history along with the Dodo and the Betamax by the way!), you can’t have failed to notice that there is a car insurance price comparison site war going on out there at the moment with the BIG 4 all trying to outdo each other on spend and it’s getting dirty……….

So who are the big 4?
Well in no particular order , though Google has one….

Compare The

So who is winning this war?

Well it’s hard to give a definitive answer because campaigns are in a constant state of flux and one month it might be the furry meerkat toy rodent or the next month, the fat opera singer at No.1 in the Sales Charts. It is difficult to COMPARE!

The TV ads always tell the prospect car insurance purchasers to visit their website, so a fairly accurate measure of website usage over time by website name search, can be extracted from Google and here are the results….

car insurance price comparison sites

As you can see, that annoying pompous man from the Dragons Den is leading the way by far at the moment with the furry rodent bringing up the rear. This is likely to change at Christmas when Compare The Market bring out the talking meerkat. Looks like the fat annoying tenor over there Ad is working!!! For Now!

To see how your website compares to the big boys do your own visitor comparison with your competitiors over at Google Trends for Insurance Price Comparison giants

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