Insurance Companies buy more UK Government Debt

The Bank of England has just announced that the latest efforts at so called Quantitative Easing involves the injection of another £25 billion of made up money in the circular flow of money system, which means that since the recession Britain has generated £200 billion of made up debt!

So Where’s the money gone? And what is Quantitive Easing anyway

It turns out that QE as the press now like to call it, is radically different from the Pump Priming developed by FDR in 1930 to get the States out of the Great Depression!

And this explains why you and me, the small and medium sized enterprise and it’s workers are not getting any credit or money!

Truth of the matter is QE is designed to shore up the internal arteries of the international banking system and not leak any money out. To leak money by the creation of credit to the general public and increasing the money supply would introduce both inflationary and currency exchange pressures that would be far from welcome in the current economic climate.
So here is how QE works – The UK Government decides to make up some more cash to shore up the banking system. It creates £25 billion pound worth of bonds that it says you and me will repay! It then instructs the Bank of England which sells them to Banks. They make a nice profit by selling them onto – have you guessed it yet?

Yes 95% of the guilts and bonds go to INSURANCE COMPANIES! Very little money is being released to the public system.

It just means that today the Government decided that You, Me and Everybody! – in the UK, now owes another £25 billion of made up money plus the made up Interest, to Aviva et al.

So QE cannot have any beneficial effects to the likes of you and me, Joe Public, except the potential ability to stave off a second wave of recession by keeping the banks ticking over!

Pump Priming conversely is a ‘lets spend our way out the crap’ solution which would only work in the UK if the money is diverted into the public sector.

Why just the public sector?
Because only large national institutions have enough employees to spread the money to all parts of the system before it returns to the investment banks.

Like all system solutions they have to be top down and bottom up!

The recession will not come to an end in this country until we start pumping it into the bottom!

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