Government Transport Policy set to increase Car Insurance Rates

The British Government although to be applauded in some social areas, seems to have totally got things wrong with it’s policies towards infrastructure, and those policy relationships with transportation, movement of goods and people and subsequent business development and economic growth.

Anybody who has been stuck in a gridlocked traffic jam on the M25 while trying to get to a work meeting…will know exactly what I mean.
Yeah and they don’t exactly provide roadside toilets (latrines to you guys over there), and what with all the closed circuit TV cameras covering every bush….!

Now I’m not one of those who would like to see less cars on the road, in fact, like J Clarkson I’d like to see more – on a lot more, better built roads and motorways.
And I’m certainly not advocating that you vote for Cameron and his policy less party!

The man would have us all on pushbikes!

But the latest announcement of UK Government transportation policy in mid week, borders on economic and social lunacy and demonstrates that the mandarins in Whitehall have little understanding of causality and it’s consequences, and it logically follows that their plans, if they actually have any, lack any inherent vision.

What am I talking about?
Why? the stupid decision to slap a minimum £22 tax on every seat on most domestic flights within the UK!
In some places like Cornwall this is in addition to an Airport development tax that all departing passengers must pay. With all the additional charges like parking or taxis the combined effect will obviously be to push traffic back onto the roads, increasing risk and ultimately Your car insurance premiums.

It’s not like it’s easy to travel domestically anyway, with the ridiculous security checks and the threat of fifth columnists, you can’t even get a decent cup of tea or have a smoke in the modern departure lounge that mostly resembles a scene from Phillip K Dick’s BladeRunner.

If you restrict the movement of people and goods you are restricting economic growth!

There are some exceptions to the ludicrous tax! if you live in the Outer Hebrides you won’t have to pay the tax. This is obviously an area where the Scottish run UK Government wants to see some development!

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