Classic Car Insurance – A 20p Tyre Check could save £££’s

20p Tyre Check could save £££’s by Kris Oldland

A recent survey by classic car specialist dealership Motorpoint has revealed that the majority of classic car owners feel that they are footing the bill for those who refuse to get insurance.
Over 80 percent of the recipients confirmed that they believe those caught without adequate specialist classic car insurance cover should have their vehicles destroyed.

This rather satisfactory solution (considering the additional cost these cheats have added to your latest premium,) could soon become a reality as Paul Clark, road safety minister, included this suggestion in proposals he outlined recently.

It comes as part of the new government plans to further enforce the compulsory insurance of all motor cars within the UK. New measures mean that any owner of a vehicle which is taken onto a public road and caught without insurance will at the very least face fines and should they persist in breaking the law their vehicle could well be impounded and destroyed.

In response to the survey results David Shelton, Managing director of Motorpoint commented: “It is clear from our poll that the vast majority of people want something to be done to stop them having to foot the bill for uninsured drivers.”

In other news Which? Car has recently recommended that taking the time to refresh your classic car safety knowledge is a vital way of staying safe, as well as avoiding avoid unnecessary insurance claims – adding that at this time of year ensuring the grip on your tires meets the necessary standards is a good starting point.

According to industry experts TyreSafe, as the weather starts to get wetter and the chances of losing traction and skidding increase, a particularly important test to ascertain the safety of your tyres is to insert a 20p piece into the main grooves of your tyres. If you are unable to see the outer band of the coin the tread is sufficient. If the outer band is visible then it is high time you replaced these often overlooked, yet crucial elements of your car.

Chairman of TyreSafe, Stuart Jackson also added : “Tyres are the only part of the vehicle in contact with the road surface so it is essential that they are in a condition that allows them to perform properly.”

Meanwhile, the IAM, (Institute of Advanced Motorists) has highlighted the importance of ensuring that head restraints are correctly fitted – particularly within a classic car. An insurance claim could be the least of a drivers concerns if they are involved in an accident during which their head restraint wasn’t fitted correctly.

Figures released by road safety company Brake earlier this year show that when fitted properly this often overlooked safety device can reduce the chance of whiplash by nearly 24 percent. Alarmingly though this same study showed that nearly three quarters of drivers surveyed had no idea how to adjust the head rests themselves.

Brake”s Fleet Safety Forum has recently launched the Move Up campaign to try and encourage more employers to ensure their workers know what they can do to avoid whiplash injuries.

One of the easiest ways to ensure you have the correct classic car insurance cover is to find a scheme suitable for your particlar model. It’s easiest to use a specialist product and price comparison website to compare classic car insurance such as that provided by Car Insurance TV

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