Cheap Car Insurance Could Land You In Jail! or Banned for Life!

LONDON – UK Car Insurance comparison website is warning drivers to be very careful when applying for cheap car insurance…….

cheap car insurance

Car Insurance Fraud has been on the rise in the UK for the last few years.
One could argue disproportionately due to the influx of Eastern European criminal gangs staging road accidents, however the current recession has seen suspected cases of car insurance fraud rise to unprecedented levels, sometimes in very unusual areas.

One worrying factor is the trend to obtain cheap car insurance by ‘lying’ on the online proposal form or over the phone. Much cheaper car insurance premiums can be obtained by those who lie, omit, or deliberately falsely declare information when applying for cover.

Insurance Blogger has even seen some websites encouraging this type of behaviour!

The savvy public looking to save a few pounds will bend the truth to obtain cheaper premiums as a recent case that appeared before Bridlington Magistrates in Yorkshire demonstrates..

A driver of green Ford Fiesta, a Mr Pears aged 24 of Bridlington was found to have been behind the wheel of his car without valid business insurance and was using the vehicle for business purposes without the appropriate insurance cover in place.

The court heard that when police routinely stopped the vehicle, they noticed that
Pears had a number of insulated pizza bags on the front passenger seat. He explained he had just begun working as a pizza delivery driver on a trial basis that day.

Although he was able to produce a valid insurance policy for the car, a quick search of the Motor Insurance Database by the police officers at the scene revealed that the policy had a usage type of SDP and only covered him for social, domestic and pleasure use of the car and excluded business use, the bench heard.

Pears was fined £525 and had his driving licence endorsed with six penalty points.
Costs of £40 and a £15 victim surcharge were also imposed.

What this goes to show is that if you are caught.. and you will be! Your car insurance for the future will never be Cheap!
Indeed you may not even be able to get cover again once you have commited Insurance Fraud!

It could amount to a lifetime Driving Ban!

Cheap car insurance can be obtained legally by comparing car insurance quotes from many suppliers and by answering the questions truthfully, on one form.

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