Norwich Union is Dead! Arriva Aviva!

The grand old lady from carrot crunching country just couldn’t cut the mustard with the bosses of the Iberian sounding Aviva and will officially be given the fatal injection at midnight tonight.

As an ex-employee of GA bonus (New Zealand Insurance) do I care?

At the time of the merger / takeover Insuranceblogger had already moved on to pastures new in the city, but I had left them over thirty commercial products on their brand new AS/400 and at the time it was annoying to see the Misers from Perth (GA) and the Wastrels from Whyteleafe (CU) surrender to the much weaker brand.

What a waste of money rebranding is – shareholders must be outraged, mind you they are all at it! The necessary systems centralisation cost which has already happened obviously needs a centralised culture under the same banner – A banner for job and branch streamlining.

I thought Santander was a port in the basque country!

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