Government Loans for First Time buyers

Those self serving suits from around Threadneedle Street who we saw exposed in Channel 4′s excellent documentary on non-executive banking directors, have been racking their brains recently on how to get the first time buyer market moving.

Laughing into their cafe crappe they must be rubbing their hands in glee that the public furore has shifted onto their erstwhile employers – the MP’s of Westminster or as Sky TV would have us call it ‘The Rotten Government’

So on the back of the Speaker Bashing, the Government in the guise of Lloyds TSB has today launched a new first time buyer mortgage product called- ‘Lend a Hand’ (who thought of that?) – offering 95% loan to value (LTV)

‘Lend a Hand’ or ‘Cop for Your Kids’ as it is soon to be known, which is obviously aimed at the middle classes with kids still at home, offers first time buyers a 95% loan to value (LTV) mortgage by taking a legal charge on a savings account belonging to their parents, grandparents, rich friends or anyone else willing to cough up the dough to get the kids a place to live.

The new product is a fixed rate mortgage at 4.39% for 3 years, and is nearly £100 a month less than the industry average 90% mortgage rate at 5.98%.
Hmm – isn’t the base rate currently 0.5%?

Lloyds are still looking for a 25% deposit but they are allowing this to be made up through a combination of a minimum 5% deposit by the first time buyers and the remainder from the parents or backers savings account.

For example,on a £100,000 property, a 95% LTV mortgage of £95,000 is provided by Lloyds TSB at a three-year fixed rate of 4.39% with a £995 fee. £5,000 is provided by the first-time buyer as a deposit for the property, £20,000 is provided by parents, grandparents or friends and held in the Lloyds TSB ‘Lend a Hand’ savings account earning a fixed rate of 3.5% for 42 months.

Why couldn’t they offer the rate Tax-free like an ISA if they really want to encourage people to get involved ?

So what are the multiples of salary limits and can the first time buyer really afford the mortgage repayments?

Furthermore Insurance Blogger is amazed that the Government thinks that there are lots of people have got £20 grand to spare during the current credit crisis and recession, plus a possible further five thousand on top if they really want their kids out the house?

At least Lloyds TSB isn’t allowed to sell mortgage payment protection insurance at the point of mortgage sale any more! Granny’s pension wouldn’t stretch to that!

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