Go Compare Elsewhere! Google slaps aggregator

The wires are hot out there this morning and the keyboards buzzing as it appears that Google has slapped, that is, removed from it’s search results all mentions of GoCompare.com.
The UK insurance comparison website had featured widely across the top of Googles search results for all sorts of insurance related terms, before yesterday!
Word on the street has it that GoCompare was indulging in very dubious link building practices. Ior those of you who aren’t familiar with search engine rankings, the positions that you appear in the results are largely determined by the number of one way links you can build pointing into your website. These links should however, be on theme!
If you carry out a backlink search on Yahoo for Gocompare.com you’ll see links from some very strange and dubious blogs, which tends to support this theory.

Google is quite clear in it’s webmaster guidlines and elsewhere about purchasing or acquiring links through nefarious practices.
The same thing happened to GoCompare last year but because of the number of links from authority sites the penalty only lasted a short while.

Interestingly, as a response GoCompare.com appears to have upped it’s spend with Google adwords in a bid to retain traffic and please the gods.

Perhaps Google should do the same thing and SLAP all the other insurance comparison sites that occupy the first page of Google for car insurance and other keyword terms – they are all at it as well, some of them getting links in much worse ways than poor old gocompare. Just go and compare backlinks from the top five results for car insurance – these companies employ huge teams of people whose job it is simply to build links and buy links.

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