Dead Cat Bounce hits Meerkat

Unless you’ve been living in the Kalahari Desert since Xmas you could not have missed the Meerkat madness started over at Budget Insurance Services Ltd with their Compare the Meerkat TV Ad and marketing campaign.

While you’ve certainly got to admire the synchronicity of the Ad presentation and the trouble they went to set up the Meerkat site, what was once a rather endearing furry little creature from the plains of Namibia, that stood communally up to alert one another of danger – has been turned into a Gaylord, Narnian, Russian Mafia / Aristocratic rat in a dinner jacket selling car insurance.

To make matters worse, our three year old daughter ‘Insurance Bloggette’ has named the new kitten Meerkat, and I’m constantly bombarded with ‘Daddy, Have you seen Meerkat?’

Yes I’ve seen the bloody Meerkat …. at least that pointy nosed Russian thing…. And that horrible thing that leaves me presents in the corner…

Anyway congratulations to Bex over at Bisl for a succesful campaign. We know its been successful because of the Alexa traffic ranking and the Google trends scores it has received.
Oh yeah and we love Channel 4′s ‘Shameless’ which it sponsors. Keep up the good work!

But take a look at this……

These are the Google Adwords served up for the query ‘Meerkat’

It seeems those plagarising pariahs over at the other agglomerates and comparison sites, and the main rivals of Compare the Market, just couldn’t keep their bidding hands off the keyword ‘Meerkat’

Just how ridiculous has the world got when car insurance companies are spending millions on marketing to such keywords as MeerKat!

What’s the next big animal?

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