Change your lifestyle for cheaper car insurance

One way that Insurance Blogger keeps his nose to the ground to find out what the latest ‘buzz’ is in the grey insurance world is to check out the latest insurance articles online.
Articles have been a major part of many an insurance company marketing department for the last few years, and the need for quality in order to get them published has led to a very high standard of debate and expertism, with an need for unique quality content in order to make the exercise worthwhile.

So stumbling around over at one of the largest repositories of knowledge I was really surprised by the number of expert authors I knew or have met over the years all imparting their knowledge in an acceptable marketing fashion – Going through the list it’s like…

‘God whatever became of them and dont they know so and so’

As a driver of many a classic car over the years I was pleased to see an article by an old mate from the city Dave Healey whose an expert in specialist motor underwriting and sort of sees things from a cars point of view……..

Here’s an excerpt

‘Most specialist motor underwriters therefore appreciate that you may need a more tailored and flexible type of car insurance for a classic car, one that allows you to fit the policy around what is effectively your lifestyle risk. Your risk levels are calculated upon the way you use the classic car and the number of miles distance you cover in that car each year.’

He talks about how changes in your lifestyle are reflected in the costs of your car insurance premium calculation, and how changes you make could save you money.

you can read the full article at

Classic Car Insurance – Change Your Lifestyle and Save Money
By Dave Healey

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