Aviva flops with the not so happy public

It seems that the UK public have finally had enough of being ‘Happy’ and want it consigned to the dustbin of bad advertising history along with the Norwich Union brand.

While searching the planet to bring you interesting debate about the state of UK Insurance, we stumbled upon, this amazing post to Aviva’s latest advertising campaign at the Online Ad agency distribution site Visit4vista. You can see the ad and read the original post at the link below.

The post is from someone who calls himself Mr Mustard and although damning, Insurance Blogger thinks that it captures the sentiments being heard ‘down the pub’ regarding this agglomeration of some fine old British Insurance Companies( in Scotland…hmm)under this ‘new’ (six years old) banner.

I see that Aviva (who used to be Norwich Union) are still ploughing on with their ‘Happy’ campaign. It seems amazingly inappropriate and cack-handed under our present financial circumstances, so either they are genuinely uncaring or really believe that they can cheer us all up with this self-congratulationary nonsense. Hundreds of poor saps have been dragooned into their headquarters to shake hands with ‘Happy’ who is welcoming them back into the Aviva/Norwich Union fold.
I’m sure that quite a number of people have had to come back to Aviva/NU on account of it being one of the few financial institutions that is still solvent, but I really don’t see this as an excuse for boasting.
Furthermore, no doubt completely over-excited at their continued solvency, or perhaps just because they have two names, Aviva/NU seem also to have, at present, two advertising campaigns. There is another one out there which is less silly than ‘Happy’ but is merely dull in an efficiently corporate/moderne sort of way, and drones on about a ‘Company built around individuals’, which is hardly a new thought, but is at least inoffensive.
Personally I believe that a period of quiet reflection would be more appropriate for the whole financial sector, and if they want to advertise at all, they should just make very simple and cheap commercials featuring their chief executives and high flying investment managers issuing grovelling apologies for having lost everyone’s money.

More Reasons to question Aviva

1. Call Centres in India when we’ve got people on the dole.
2. Do you know just how many of the other UK financial Institution’s AVIVA has got its hands into and owns a large part of? You’d be very surprised!
3. You tell us – serious comments below please

Thousands Welomed Back to Happy at Norwich Union - soon to be Aviva

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