Specialist Bike Insurance for Off Roading Enduro Racing

On one of the hottest days of last year (were there any?) before the rains took over, we drove up into the wild-lands of Cornwall to watch an Enduro Bike Racing Championship event.

Insurance Blogger was obviously looking at everything with risk in mind and saw many spectacular falls and ‘crashes’ enough to turn an experienced underwriter grey, instantly.

Talking to the people involved and their fanatical family followers, you soon learn why Enduro racing is such a popular and rapidly growing sport. Many ‘road’ bikers are selling their big road bikes and investing in much smaller machines such as the KTM range of trials / off road / motor cross / call it what you want type of weekend bike. And believe it or not the all tell you the same thing…..

That riding a trials bike around forests and streams and mountains and bogs and moors, is far safer than riding a bike on the road to work everyday, and is a great way to stay alive and yet still enjoy the thrill of biking. One of the reasons is the modern body armour worn by all but a few of the most foolhardy racers, which usually prevents damage to just bruising when you go head first into a tree at fifty miles an hour.

So I was not so surprised to learn later that you can get tailored Enduro Bike Racing Accident Insurance cover and sports accident travel insurance to protect you against personal injuries sustained while enduro racing. There’s a whole range of cover options available at Personal Accident Insurance, where they’ll obtain basic motorbike insurance cover for your bike as well if required.

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