Rugby Insurance sponsors quit

While not wanting to upset those who sit enamored watching thirty large men run up and down a pitch after a funny shaped ball, Insurance Blogger was pleased to see that the Government owned ‘black hole of Edinburgh’ aka RBS has finally had the decency to stop wasting our money on Six Nations Rugby sponsorship and other outrageous and pointless sporting give aways such as the £20 million in so called ‘ambassadors’ (what’s all that about then?), and a very large sum to Williams F1 racing.

Still I suppose that’s peanuts to what they’re proposing for their failed staff’s bonuses and retirement funds for fat-cat chiefs who couldn’t run the length of the rugby pitch.

For those of you who follow the game and play yourselves either as an amateur of professional, you can get Rugby Insurance for personal injury, which is available to youths and adults, amateur and professional for individuals and teams at Personal Accident.

Now Mr Brown, we don’t care if Mr Blair is Newcastle United supporter – why is Northern Rock still pushing good money after bad?

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