Maximum Redundancies for Mini Workers

When the most successful British (German owned) car of the last fifty years is laying off workers, it only emphasises the depth and breadth of the spread of the global economic downturn contagion.

BMW owned Mini based at the old Morris plant at Cowley Oxford, today announced the redundancy of 850 of its workers. The company which ships over 250000 Minis every year around the world, has seen its sales in January 2009 drop by an astounding 35%, reflecting the drop in demand felt by the rest of Britain’s ailing motor manufacturing industry.

The redundancies are sure to be felt by supply workers who make parts for the Mini and distribution workers who are having extreme difficulties selling them. There is estimated to be over 10000 minis awaiting shipment abroad at Southampton docks.

If you are one of the lucky workers who still hold down a job in the car manufacturing and associated industries we urge you to consider taking out Redundancy Insurance – given the latest number of layoffs across the country -no car manufacturer job can be considered safe. Plan for your future economic welfare now before it’s too late.

Mini Classic car insurance – hopefully not a thing of the past

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