Lifestyle Insurance: How to avoid the unemployment spectre

Yesterdays latest unemployment figures were rather depressing with the official count just bubbling under two milllion unemployed in the UK at 1.9m.

The January job losses have yet to be taken into account and with the closure of many high street shops and the recently decimated manufacturing, financial and motor industries, we could see the official job loss rate of 6.3 rise dramatically this time next month when the January figures are published.

Is your job on the line?

Very few jobs are ‘safe’ in the current economic climate and it is worth considering

How you would protect your current position should the worst happen and you face redundancy?

What contingencies do you currently have in place should you find yourself unemployed?

Do you really know the monthly amount of outgoings you will need to sustain your current lifestyle?

IProtect are offering a whole new take on unemployment protection and income protection for unemployment by offering a wholistic ‘lifestyle insurance‘ policy thatis designed to maintain your existing lifestyle should you suddenly become incapacitated or unemployed through redundancy.

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