Legal & General sought RBS changes last May

There’s still one financial institution out there that Insurance Blogger loves.
We don’t talk about them much here, because we don’t have to.
We don’t directly promote their products, because they don’t need us to.
Insurance Blogger had the pleasure to work for them for five years in a consultant capacity and if there’s one word that immediately springs to mind when Legal & General are mentioned – it is Integrity.
Something that appears to be sadly lacking from most of the other financial institutions in the UK today.

So when Legal & General’s fund manager told a Commons Select Committee that it called for the CEO and Chairman of RBS to resign as early as May last year, we were all ears…….

According to an article in The Times

Peter Chambers, chief executive of Legal & General Investment Management (LGIM), told members of the Treasury Select Committee that its resignation demands had come as part of a concerted effort to “engage with” British banks during last year’s market storm

LGIM is the biggest investor in the stock market and owns about 5 per cent of every listed company.

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