Legal Expenses – Are you at Risk?

Have you checked the amount of legal protection you have for yourself and your family under your house insurance policy recently?

Well if you haven’t we’d advise you to think again and to look. Legal Expenses, Legal Costs or Legal or Family Legal Protection as it is also known, is one of the least understood yet one of the most important types of insurance that you will need in these days of American style litigation.

Every time you sign a piece of paper you are exposing yourself to the possibility of a claim against you with the subsequent possibility of a trial and legal costs being awarded against you. This has happened to many many people in the UK and lives have been ruined.

Because of the important nature of this type of insurance in protecting your lifestyle its a subject that we are going to return to again and again.

So have you checked your home insurance policy? you particularly need to find out the figure for Indemnity Limit. This is the most that an insurance company will cover you for in the event it agrees that your case has a good chance of success.

So you’re covered OK.

Well lets just leave you with this word of advice. If your limit of indemnity for legal costs is less than £100,000 then you are seriously exposing yourself and your family to ruin. At this current time the average costs to take a small fast track case to trial are around £75000 and if you lose you are going to have to pay the other sides costs of at least £75000 as well – serious risk.

Think very carefully before you contact the pariah solicitors thinking you are covered…………..

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