Lifestyle Insurance Cover – the new ASU and Income Protection

There seems to be some confusion all over the Internet as to the difference between redundancy insurance and income protection – which in our opinion are largely the same ASU cover with possibly varying out of work conditions.

However both are currently being outsold by a new all inclusive Lifestyle Insurance product not tied to any particular payment plan or debt.

The new safety first product offered by British Insurance is different as it covers your complete lifestyle should anything happen to you including redundancy or unemployment. Lifestyle being you can spend the benefit to cover either or all of your Income, Mortgage Payment protection insurance, Rent, Utility Bills, Loans, Credit cards, Household bills, Other lifestyle cover. Following their award winning Mortgage payment protection insurance products success, this new lifestyle cover from British Insurance appears to be likely to be just as popular given the economic gloom.
The redundancy insurance and lifestyle insurance cover is available in the UK through various large internet outlets

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