Personal Accident viral marketing video

It might not be to everybody’s taste but viral marketing has been one of the major success stories on the Internet.
Insurance companies with their massive marketing budgets have been slow to catch on and rely on multi-million pound campaigns featuring nodding dogs and flying pigs to get their brand across.
Hurrah for and step forward mortgage protection company Personal Accident for grabbing the initiative with the following silly – but very watchable, if not PC ad for hazardous sports accident insurance.

Whether you think its crap or not, it demonstrates the viral capabilities of video, accessible to everyone from their mobile phones and more importantly, while all the big budget insurance players are wasting their money on TV ads and trying to get to the top of search engines, they’ve missed the point that more people visit and than visit Google these days.

Social marketing is becoming more important daily and those pioneers will grab a large share of the personal recommendation market.

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