Insurance Cyber Network up for Sale

Here at Insurance Blog we love to speculate and predict outcomes, usually based on probability, for our own personal chest beating and so we can turn around after the event and say ‘told you so!’
After all isn’t that how Insurance operates!
But we’re not averse to a bit of rumour or gossip as well especially when it could involve a lateral shift in the way Insurance is sold on the Internet, which soon will in one form or another BE for most products the only way insurance is transacted and sold!

Word has reached one of our intrepid contributors that an Insurance / Investment Company with a very large warchest has been making approaches to some of the best Internet Insurance marketing companies who run the major independent insurance directories out there in Cyberspace, with the intention of aquisition. One company is believed to be in advanced talks with a Broker Network to the purported sum of five million UK pounds

Now this is hardly surprising stuff, but it’s made very interesting for two reasons.

There are currently around 10 to 20 very large agglomerates of insurance brokers and underwriters and investment companies out there in the UK who have reached their current size in the UK Insurance market today through aquisition of companies and Insurance Brokers and accounts and books of Insurance business and physical businesses and buildings.

So does this mean that there are no more available smaller real-world businesses to buy and they’ve finally turned their attention to what is available in other distribution channels?


They’ve looked enviously at the way that etc. and all the other comparison / aggregator websites dominate the Search Engines for all the major keywords in their market, and have realised that these types of cyber insurance networks could give them a platform on which to compete and maybe take advantage over the single comparison site big Google payers, for just about every niche insurance market.

If the latter is true, which I doubt their business foresight or acumen, then we would see a serious shift in the way Insurance is sold on the Internet.

A large cyber insurance network would fit many a large insurance (broker or company)network with little or no painful business integration and could be assimilated in the existing business corporate Internet structure on a transitional basis with little or no disruption to current processes. The cyber network would create hundreds of links during any assimilation which by its very process would create and pass enough page rank to compete with all those comparison sites that buy links. Very powerful stuff. It would also give a rapid ROI as many of these cybernetworks dominate the niche insurance products cyber markets and search engines.

There are currently equally, about 20 of these insurance cyber networks out there. You can easily come across their websites everywhere in all Insurance Internet niches. In many places they are managing the complete online lead generation for individual insurance companies and brokers. They are easily recognisable from their generic or keyword domain names and are often managed by small teams of so called Webmasters.

So got any ideas whose after who?

We believe we can narrow it down to possibly three candidates for the honeypot simply by looking at who dominates the google query for ‘insurance directories’ and niche products keyword searches… for the wolf…hmm we’ll keep you posted if we hear anything but there are some very predatory broker networks and companies out there at the moment… so expect some big announcements soon!

Realising that Moneysupermarket and the other Insurance comparison websites that dominate the search engines front pages for keyword searches like ‘Car Insurance’
each spend over £5 million each week in Adwords and other PPC advertising perhaps £5 million for one of these internet website networks is small beer in the bigger scheme of things.

Even more worrying, especially for the niche players and the public is if the likes of or one of the other insurance comparison sites who retain their search engine postitions by buying lnks, see £5m as a very cheap investment indeed.

Isn’t agglomeration a wonderful thing. Did you use to collect football cards when you were a kid?

Expect a goldrush!

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