Car Insurance Online – Forget It

We know many of our Insurance Broker friends in the UK are struggling to sell their excellent car insurance products online.
In many cases they have spent a fortune on integrating their back office systems, which hold the rates for comparing prices and all the customer and policy information, with their smart new expensive website.

One year down the line the website still looks shiny and new, mainly because nobody ever goes there!

Why? Well to be successful on the Internet you have to be visible. This means all the major search engines have to list your car insurance website, in particular Google.

Well getting a listing in Google may take you years and you’ll never going to be able to compete with all the big boys and their massive marketing budgets that dominate the search results.

So what other options are there?

Well Google allows you to buy a link on their home page for different keyword searches for example ‘car insurance’

And they’ve very kindly created a tool which will help you see how much its going to cost you to get a click through from Google for the search term ‘car insurance’.

You can find it at Google Adwords Keyword Per Click Estimator

If you type in car insurance and set the currency and location to GB, you can see exactly whats its costing the large aggregator sites that dominate the front page paid listings in Google:

Heres the results for Car Insurance – GBP – UK for positions 1 to 3 on Google

Average CPC: £15.40 (at a maximum CPC of £33.65)
Estimated clicks per day: 1,091 – 1,367 (at a daily budget of £25,270.00)

Wow! These guys must be spending a fortune with Google when you think about how many thousands of keywords they bid on!

So we tried out another very competitive keyword in the current economic gloom, namely income protection insurance:

Average CPC: £5.82 (at a maximum CPC of £12.20)
Estimated clicks per day: 5 – 6 (at a daily budget of £50.00) Hmm not too bad!

how about Income Protection?

Average CPC: £5.19 (at a maximum CPC of £10.04)
Estimated clicks per day: 15 – 18 (at a daily budget of £110.00) – very interesting!!

What about long tailed car insurance keywords like specialist car insurance

Average CPC: £9.92 (at a maximum CPC of £15.86)
Estimated clicks per day: 0 – 1 (at a daily budget of £15.86)

Well there you have it at – Around £10 per click even for car insurance keywords that aren’t even searched for much.

The future of the small independent car insurance broker online looks bleak.

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