Boat Insurance quote comparison site

You’ve only got to search on the Internet for all the popular personal lines insurance such as Car Insurance or Home insurance or even gas bills and you’ll find the listings dominated by the big insurance comparison sites.
Now this is great if you are Joe Normal and aren’t too particular about the cover you get, but these sites don’t help me find cover for my 12 foot laser sailing dingy.

So it was refreshing to search through lists of results to find a site that actually finds me quotes and price comparisons for my small boat without having to fill in reams of questions just to get cover from one operator.
Small boat insurance company have made the process very easy and quick and can offer instant online cover for all boats under 23 feet in length and in my case for under a tenner. Definitely worth a visit if you own a small boat and want to save time and money! Boat insurance can cover sailing dinghies, sailboats, motorboats, motor cruisers, catamarans, sailing boats, small yachts, keelboats, powerboats, speedboats, RIBs, small multi hulls, wind and sailboards, jet skis and personal watercraft, rowing boats, kayaks, canoes and all watercraft under 23 feet.


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