Banks reduced to selling HOME INSURANCE – Tesco outguns them

Like many others in the UK I must have sat down and watched the Location Location Location Credit Crunch special wondering how much my house was worth – or not.
But did anyone notice the subliminal message throughout ‘ program sponsored by…’ and all the Bank adverts in the commercial breaks selling – HOME INSURANCE

Well I suppose it had to expected, after all Banks couldn’t sell us pensions in the pre crunch market, now they can’t offer us credit, loans, mortgages or plastic since they messed the market up between them and now, uh what’s left, oh yeah lets sell them HOME INSURANCE.

You must have seen that pathetic annoying ad from Nat West with those idiot bankers trying to sell products – Well sorry Nat West the UK public don’t differentiate – Bankers are Bankers! Now the same prats are all fighting over home insurance.

Don’t buy into it as in most cases you are better off going to the source rather than the super affiliate. Check the small print to see who underwrites the cover – bet it’s not the bank!

The only exception to the rule is the best buy home insurance cover – which does vary by campaign and this month is without doubt Tesco.

So if you’re looking for standard home insurance savings at the current time, look no further than TESCO HOME INSURANCE who have today slashed their rates by a massive 50% and offer further online discounts. The cover underwritten by UK Insurance is in our opinion far wider and better than the bank offerings with features such as unlimited buildings sums insureds.
Today Tesco Personal Finance launch their latest offer on Home Insurance – Get 50% off your premium when you get a quote for Tesco Standard or Finest Home Insurance by 7th January 2009 and then buy that policy.

Offer applies to new customers in their first year only when you get a quote for Tesco Standard or Finest Home Insurance by 7th Jan 2009 and then buy that policy. Quotes are valid for 90 days. This offer Excludes Value and Buy to let Insurance.

Additional benefits of Tesco Home Insurance:

Further 5% discount for Tesco Car Insurance customers
Clubcard customers get an even better price
Tesco pay any switching fees up to £25 when you switch from your mortgage lender
All calls are answered in UK Call centres
24-hour emergency helpline
Home Repair network – all repairs are undertaken by vetted builders and all costs are paid directly to them with no fuss or hassle
Any work undertaken is guaranteed for 12 months
More price options available with Value cover offering basic essential cover and Finest cover offering inclusive benefits such as a Concierge service and free ID Fraud assistance

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