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Free No Claims Bonus

Young Drivers who start driving at 17 can now earn the maximum No Claims Discount by the time they’re 22 – without ever having bought a policy!

Is this for Real?

It sure is ! – visit to find out more………

Landlords and buy to let Insurance to beat credit crunch

Many people who bought into the ‘buy to let’ dream of owning additional property for income or retirement are now suffering not only from falling house prices ( and in some cases negative equity) and empty properties, unable to be let due to too many available in the market.

Whether your additional property is let or empty, Landlords must protect their investments against unforeseen risks with Landlord Insurance.

At you can save money and beat the credit crunch by comparing most of the Landlord Insurance policies and covers available to Landlords in the UK.

The site allows you to purchase cover whatever type of property or tenants you have. Cover is available for properties let to Professionals, Students, Flats, Asylum seekers, DSS and Holiday Homes.
Additionally Unoccupied property insurance cover is available for up to nine months for properties that are empty or difficult to let.

For a small fee Landlords can also have peace of mind by purchasing Landlord emergency assistance insurance which provides tradesman to carry out immediate repairs at your property, which otherwise could take two days or more to arrange, leaving unhappy and unsatisfied tenants and perhaps putting your property at risk to flooding etc..

Kwik Fit Car Insurance offers FREE MOT test

Kwik Fit Insurance are offering their Car Insurance customers a Free M.O.T when they take out a policy with KFIS.

(An MOT costs in the region of £35 to a customer)

Additionally The Kwik Fit car insurance cover offers:

Online discount of up to 20%
10% discount card to use at any Kwik Fit centre on almost everything
Guaranteed courtesy car with comprehensive polices when the car is being repaired at an authorised repairer
European driving cover

Get a quote from Kwik Fit Car Insurance to take advantage of this free MOT test offer.

Mortgage Repossessions Rocket

The official figures for the number of repossessions for the period of April to June this year have just been released and show that the number of houses being taken back by the banks and building societies through the courts, has risen a massive 71% than a year earlier.

With 11,054 new cases in Q2, the Council of Mortgage Lenders are predicting even higher repossessions for the period just finished and a spokesman estimates that by Christmas 2008 170,000 homes will be under threat from repossession, being 3 months or more behind with their mortgage repayments.

With the economy only just on the start of the road to recession, the picture for the new year looks gloomier daily.

If you believe that your job may be under threat in the not too distant future, mortgage payment protection insurance is the sensible option to keep the bailiffs and wolves from your door. You should be aware that these policies will not pay out if you are made unemployed during the first month of the policy – so act now!

Cat Insurance – essential protection for your pussy

With the evenings drawing in Vets warn us of the increasing dangers of Cats being involved in RTA’s. If your cat is ‘lucky’ enough to be hit by a car could you afford the bills that could easily amount to £2000 if the cat suffers skeletal damage.

There are other just as expensive risks to your cat that could come out of the blue and leave you out of pocket. Check out this story about Kipper the cat who was shot!

For more information about the risks to your cat and Cat Insurance, visit