Taxpayers sponsor Newcastle United – Is this Right?

Just been watching a Joe Kinnear video talking about the future of Newcastle United.
Looking at the billboards in the background, and across the shirts, of the main sponsor ‘ Northern Rock ‘ it got me thinking.

Hey WE – the taxpayers (proud owners of Northern Rock) – are sponsoring Newcastle United.

Tony Blair must have made a pact with Gordon Brown when he left office!

This is definitely nationalisation through the backdoor!

Maybe you’re a shareholder or investor who lost money in the Northern Rock collapse – what are your thooughts about this – Comment and let me know!

As a taxpayer I insist they sell Michael Owen to a London Club!

Seriously though, its not just the Football Club or Northern Rock or the Government which has been affected by the credit crunch – My best selling Newcastle United Credit card website has had its product – the MBNA Newcastle United credit card- discontinued due to lack of sales!

So its not just the club up for sale – if there’s any Geordies out there who would like to purchase some prime ( currently redundant) internet real estate email with your offers! – any offer considered – it’d make a good email – maybe!!

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